What is Jackpot Ranch Foundation all about?

“Jackpot Ranch is all about heroes”!

The Jackpot Ranch Foundation was created to enable campers, rescue ranch animals, and veterans to come to Jackpot Ranch in Camp Verde, Arizona in order to enjoy a safe haven for discovery and adventure, be inspired by outdoor creativity, and participate in the team culture of ranch and camp living.  We believe these heroes from underrepresented youth to rescue ranch animals to our wounded warriors, deserve to be treated to nature, the Jackpot ranch way!  Our mission is to help American heroes (furry and otherwise) accomplish goals and reach destinations by offering ‘camperships’ and acquiring donations from our sponsorship ‘heroes’!  Sharon and Garry Shuster, the founders of Jackpot Ranch, believe every hero deserves to succeed.

“Jackpot Ranch is all about soaring”!

Jackpot Ranch, nestled in the heart of the Verde Valley, is surrounded by a myriad of handcrafted, American bronze eagles, soaring high above the grounds and inside the new rodeo arena. Why?  Because eagles never give up. Sharon and Garry dreamed of the time when all creatures great and small would be welcome at this beautiful ranch, and their dreams have now come to fruition.  They never gave up!  

Eagles teach their children to soar, to reach the mountaintop!  At Jackpot Ranch, every hero is given a chance to be successful at something…and all they have to do is to come and enjoy the world of nature and beauty.  Garry and Sharon have created an environment that allows our heroes to breathe in clean air, catch fish in clean water, and sleep in a clean bunkhouse…so they, too, can go to the mountaintop in their own lives…to be successful, to soar!

“At Jackpot Ranch, when you touch a life, you touch the future”!

Just like the eagles that soar over Jackpot Ranch, the heroes who come here to learn about ‘soaring’ are invited because they have proven that they love farm animals, star-gazing, river fishing, camping outdoors in a real Indian teepee, canoeing, and cooking over a campfire.  They learn to ‘soar’ with others by exploring nature, being part of a team, and finding out how it feels to find new friends, furry or otherwise. 

Garry and Sharon, believe that if you touch a rock, you touch the past.  If you touch a flower, you touch the present.  But if you touch a life, you touch the future.  And they’ve been touching lives for more than three decades, thousands of lives, with their open invitation to kids pets and vets who want to experience the beauty of wildflowers, willows, and western living.

Now it’s your turn! Be an eagle…help our heroes reach the mountaintop! Donate today…for their tomorrow!

Every donation makes a difference in the life of a child.


Our Mission Statement

“To enrich children’s lives by providing camp and retreat experiences to youth and the groups that support them”